We are Visión Tecnológica, a company that provides IT support in Argentina. We have more than 20 years of experience in our career, that’s why we can guarantee the most professional and qualified IT support service in Argentina.

Having a responsible and quality IT support service is essential for companies today. Despite this, many companies do not contemplate having an internal sector for this, so outsourcing the IT support service is the best option. By outsourcing the IT support service it is guaranteed to work with professionals who are exclusively dedicated to information technology.

By outsourcing the IT support service it is guaranteed to work with professionals who are exclusively dedicated to information technology.

Information technology for your company

Which are the most important IT for companies? This must be thought according to the needs of each company consider which is the more suitable. In any case we can define which are the most relevant beyond the particular ones.

IT technologies cover the following aspects:

  • Data management to optimize the flow to be used inside the company.
  • Computer networks to generate appropriate spaces for interaction.
  • Data base system design where to put the most important digital information that can de used remotely.
  • Software design according to the company needs.

As we see, the activities contemplated within the computer technologies are indispensable for companies. This is the reason why is necessary to pay attention to them and outsource the IT support service to professionals in the fields.


What to consider of an IT support service?


Business people closing an agreement for IT support service in Argentina


The first thing to take into account is the career and the professionalism of the company that you will hire. Remember that in his hands you deposit the correct functioning of the devices of your company.

Within the services we must find the maintenance of computers. This is a fundamental service so that companies can achieve an optimal functioning. As an example of this we will point out our services:

-Maintenance of servers to prevent equipment failures.

-Computer workshop to work over the computers that require special attention.

-Visit of technicians in case of equipment failure.

-Remote assistance to advise you immediately on whatever you need.

-Cloud Backup where to preserve important data

-Installation of computer networks for companies.


A trustworthy IT support service company

As you can appreciate, we contemplate the whole requirements of a quality IT support service in Argentina. We are present from installation of equipments, software and maintenance to guarantee that they normally work without setback.

We hope that this information has been useful to show the importance of outsourcing the IT support service. For any question you can contact us through our telephone line +54 11 4383-9004 or our mail vision@visiontecnologica.net.